Building your own intercooler assembly? Need a high quality, US-made Air/Air or Liquid/Air intercooler core? Need it tomorrow? No problem. Just check our core inventory online, tell us what you need and tell us when you need it.

Bell Intercoolers offers a large selection of high quality, high performance, pressure tested intercooler cores in sizes to meet all of your turbo and supercharger performance requirements. Bell Intercoolers uses bar and plate type cores in Air to Air applications for the highest efficiencies and performance. Order before 1:00 central time and, if in stock, we will ship it that day. With over 3000 cores in stock, we probably have what you need on hand and ready to ship. Do we have what you're looking for? Just take a look.

We also offer full engineering support to answer any intercooler core or assembly questions you might have. Call or email us today, our engineers are ready to help you with your project and make sure you get the best core for the application.

Selecting Your Intercooler Core
Use our online intercooler core inventory system (below) to compare dimensions and air flow requirements to find the correct Liquid/Air intercooler core for your application. Additional information on using our online system is available below.

Items listed in black are in stock and ready to ship. Items listed in red are currently out of stock and will take more than one day to ship. If it is out of stock please give us a call and we will let you know when it will be available.

If you should have any questions concerning the selection of either of these components or questions about other options for your application please consult our Help page or contact Technical Support and we will, at no cost, answer your intercooler design questions.

Mid and Rear Engine Intercooling Solutions
The Liquid/Air intercooler system presents obvious advantages for mid and rear engine applications where space and airflow issues can often prevent the use of an effective Air/Air intercooler system. By allowing the heat extraction process to be essentially placed anywhere on the vehicle, you have the ability to go from struggling to find even marginal airflow, with a compromised intercooler size, to having the best intercooler size for your application, while removing the heat exchange component to the best available air stream, at the front of the vehicle.

Bell Intercoolers can help you with every aspect of designing your mid or rear engine intercooler system to allow you to extract the most performance from your application.

Extreme Performance
For drag racing, autocross or tractor/truck pull applications the Liquid/Air system can provide sizeable competitive advantages. Through the use of chilled coolant, you can reach intercooler efficiencies well in excess of 100%, unleashing dramatic performance gains. Contact Technical Support to explore the performance possibilities for your application.

Bell Intercoolers has extensive experience in designing Liquid/Air intercooler systems for everything from 400hp import drag cars to 5000+ tractor pulling applications. All Bell intercoolers Liquid/Air systems are pressure tested to your specifications to ensure the best possible reliability and performance.

Bell Intercoolers offers all of the major components for properly designed Liquid/Air intercooler system, including intercooler cores and assemblies, coolant pumps, reserviors, radiators/heat exchangers, and, of course, solid advice and information on designing the optimum system for your specific application.

Consult the Experts
Have questions about designing the best liquid/air intercooler system? Please contact Technical Support and let our engineering team assist you with expert advice and information. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best parts and best information to ensure you have the best intercooler for your application.

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